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Mobile Subscribers Yearwise comparision


Sumit Goswami

January 09, 2014
Emphasis on a unique user experience and an enriched application ecosystem are amongst the top smart

India – the third largest smartphone market in the world is rapidly surging towards its thrust in becoming the numero uno smartphone market of the world. With an impressive growth aspect of over 129 per cent accrued over the last year, the Indian smartphone market is positive on its path of capturing the biggest market reach in times to come.


November 13, 2013
How important is your keyboard to you?

In just over two decades of their existence in the country, mobile phones have evolved from being devices to flaunt your social stature to becoming the bare necessity of life. Launched at an exorbitant cost of more than Rs 50,000 for a basic device which could make and receive calls, today’s mobile phones are no less than super-computers in their own rights.


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