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December 31, 2012
Mobile to emerge as alternate entertainment screen in 2013

As we close 2012, it gives us immense pleasure to be part of MVAS industry; that is witnessing a galloping growth into the next year and together we are creating an ecosystem where subscribers remain engaged with the MVAS and the app of their choice. MVAS industry in India has come a long way since its inception. With India today, having the second-largest mobile phone user base and the third fastest growing mobile app market in the world; multiple start-ups with a business model focusing on the MVAS and app ecosystem have emerged across national and regional levels.

Over the years, with the roll out of 2G, 3G & 4G networks, telecom operators have invested heavily in the auction and created new opportunities for Data MVAS player to rise in the industry. With 3G rollout in the country we witnessed a new mobile consumption pattern in India across networks with growing demands for internet browsing and mobile applications. In the coming months we will witness stabilization in 3G network in metro cities, the basic infrastructure for high end mobile applications.Data will evolve as the most potential profit making opportunity for the telecom players and as they realize this, they are going to bridge connectivity concerns with widespread infrastructure network. In fact, the operators would certainly move to tier II and tier III cities in the existing circles promoting their data offerings. Also, proliferation of devices with different features, friendly user interface, bigger screens promise the masses to come embedded with loads of applications and other unique services/features; are the other factors that are fuelling growth of MVAS industry.

One of the most benefited segments of MVAS is Mobile TV that is witnessing phenomenal growth. Our flagship product nexGTv mobile TV service has received an overwhelming response from more than 6.5 million users within a year and now the service also comes embedded with Pental Tabs, Zen Mobiles and Karbonn Mobiles. We have made significant investment in the technical back-up support as well as 24/7 customer care supportfor nexGTv that enables the users across devicesto have seamless and enhanced TV viewing experience on their mobiles and tablets.

2012 has particularly been an extraordinary year for us. nexGTv today has evolved to be a very popular mobile TV service of India and we witness over 40,000 hours of content usage on daily basis. We brought the cricketing fever on the mobile platform so that users do not have to remain glued on television sets that impact their business otherwise. We bought the rights for airing India-SriLanka Series, T20 Champions League 2012 and T20 World Cup 2012. We went live during the festival seasons from Ramlila Grounds in Delhi to pandals in CR Park and Kolkata for airing Durga Puja. We enriched our channel bouquet through tie-ups with Times Television, Sony and Star Group and launched our own music channel- nexGTv Music. As we continued our efforts to enhance Mobile TV as a category and evolve as leaders in the space; a recent report by a leading market consultancy firm highlighted the fact, that we were No.2 after Youtube, as the most viewed video content on the mobile platform. This was a cherry on the pie.

However, this is just the beginning as we step into 2013- the smartphone and tablet adoption is likely to grow at 20 per cent. nexGTv has grown stupendously at a rate of 600 per centwhere the total number of subscribers are over 6.5 million and we aim to increase this to 50 per cent year on year growth rate. This development of the handset ecosystem will enable consumption of rich media MVAS services. In parallel, the MVAS industry will also witness massive uptakewith the emergence of new MVAS players focusing on regional MVAS offerings- with content moving from national to regional.Furthermore increased data penetration usage and 3G user base moving up to 90 million will enhance MVAS consumption.

While MVAS and Mobile TV applications have been around Infotainment as a category;Utility based MVAS services will soon be the big thing in 2013. One touch payment services and billing apps, be it for electricity, water, credit card, loan premiums etc will enhance the consumer engagement on the mobile platform. Similarly, embedded applications across categories such as health, education, banking, insurance, auto, technology and entertainment category will be enjoying a considerablylarge share of the industry pie.Gaming services and gaming apps will continue to be amongst the most downloaded apps in the entire ecosystem. Along with this we expect infotainment, entertainment as well as utility app downloads also picking momentum in 2013.

We at nexGTv will continue to be the premier one-stop-shop for all entertainment-infotainment and utility demands and provide an enhanced customer experience. We will continue to invest heavily in technical back-end for enhanced visuals and features- introduce HD version on nexGTvto enhance accessibility and provide a better consumer experience of video on mobile. We will look at partnering with leading industry players (marketers and advertisers) and offer the nexGTv platform as a cost-effective, focused and targeted platform to showcase their brands and experience consumer reaction and feedback. 2013 holds a promising year for the MVAS industry and we at DigiVive are all set to enhance the customer experience to new heights.


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