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Interview with Aditya Sekhar, CSO, Micro Technologies India Limited

May 31, 2012
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With the aims of staying ahead of competition, streamlining operations and reducing excess overheads, establishing a sound communications set up is at the top of every enterprise’ to-do list. In this context, securing the network becomes top priority.

In an interview with tele.net.in, Aditya Sekhar, CSO, Micro Technologies India Limited, discusses the need for secured infrastructure and the company’s initiatives in this regard. Excerpts… 

What are the challenges and targets of the company in India?

The biggest challenge before us is making people aware of the need for network and equipment security and safety in the country.  We have to drive home the critical importance of having a good security set up.

What trends have you witnessed and which ones do you expect in the telecom security space?

The telecom industry is in a transitional phase. Companies are realising the need for a secure network slowly but steadily. This space is witnessing the same growth trends seen in the mobile handset space, when the devices were initially priced very high but as demand increased, prices decreased.

Today, the mobile handset is no longer a luxury item, it is a necessity. Likewise, as demand for security products increase, prices will decline. Hence, we see an uptrend for security products in India in the coming years.

Please highlight the company product portfolio in India. Which segment do you cater to?

Our security products straddle various segments. They include

  • Micro home security system
  • Micro vehicle black box
  • Micro secure communication terminal
  • Micro ATM black box
  • Micro office security system
  • Micro shop security system
  • Micro video door phone
  • Micro lost mobile tracking system
  • Micro lost notebook tracking system
  • Micro mobile controller system
  • Micro bike security system
  • Micro buddy tracking system
  • Micro jai kisan – secured water mangament tool
  • Micro surya jyoti
  • Micro power

These products are available on our Micro Shoppe across India.

What is the company’s likely future roadmap in India?

India has huge retail space. Currently, we have around 104 micro shoppes in India we plan to increase this to 500. We have 5,000 dealers across the nation, which are expected to increase to 7,000 in the near future. As we expand, we will be better positioned to increase penetration into urban and rural India.


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