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TE Connectivity announces a 24-fiber connectivity solution

December 04, 2013
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TE Connectivity has announced a 24-fiber connectivity solution that will enable data center managers to make the transition from 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) to 40 and 100 GbE applications more smoothly and efficiently.

The new system, based on the company’s MPOptimate fiber-optic connector, is the newest addition to TE Connectivity’s data center solution. It offers data center managers a consistent fiber infrastructure that can endure over the next three generations of active equipment, delivering an easier migration path to higher speeds, space-saving benefits and higher utilisation of their fiber investment.

Data centers are at the heart of the tremendous amount of data needing to be transmitted, processed and stored in support of the increasingly cloud-based world of applications and services in today’s enterprise environment. Fiber optic links are vital for providing the bandwidth and speed needed to transmit these huge amounts of data within a modern data center, but fiber connectivity hardware consumes valuable space that could otherwise be used to deploy computer and storage resources. Floor space is one of the biggest cost constraints for data center managers, and fiber connectivity in the data center needs to support high bandwidth applications while minimizing the space consumed within and between racks.

Based on TE’s low loss MPOptimate connectivity family, the new 24-fiber MPOptimate system comprises a range of modular cassettes, 24-fiber trunk cables and patch cords.

Networks need to be ready to migrate from 10GbE to 40-100 GbE speeds to support new demand. Data center managers need to be able to manage this migration to maximise efficiency and responsiveness while minimizing cost.Preparing for this inevitable growth today demands a simple yet robust migration pathway.

TE Connectivity’s 24-fiber MPOptimate system enables such a plan, supporting cost-effective migration to the increased data speeds required to support the next generation of servers, storage and switching platforms in an agile data center.


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