NEC and the Government of Andhra Pradesh to collaborate on ‘Safe City Project’ in Tirupati

Contracts & Orders , July 30, 2015

NEC India and AP Technology Services Limited (APTS), a wholly state owned company of the Government of Andhra Pradesh have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the ‘Safe City Project’ to be undertaken in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

As part of the MOU, NEC India will work in collaboration with APTS in designing and implementing the Safe City Project at Tirupati, India. The core focus of the project will be making the city more secure and safer for its citizens through technological innovations. NEC will support APTS in implementing the Safe City Project in Tirupati through information and technology solutions such as facial recognition systems and automated fingerprint identification systems. The two will together initiate key projects in areas such cyber security and smart transportation for the bus rapid transit sector.

In addition to the Safe City Project, NEC India will study the possibilities of establishing a centre of excellence and a development centre for supporting the government of Andhra Pradesh’s initiatives in the space of research and development.



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