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Ramgopal Yadavalli, Chief Marketing Officer, Aksh Optifibre

May 09, 2016
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Ramgopal Yadavalli began his career as a commissioned officer in the Indian Navy, where he served in multiple roles over a period of 14 years. Thereafter, he moved to General Electric as sales director of the energy vertical. He spent nearly nine years at GE, contributing significantly to the company’s India operations. He then had a short stint with Lanco Infratech, where he was senior vice-president and head of strategy for business development, following which he moved to KONE India as director, projects. Subsequently, he joined Aksh Optifibre as chief marketing officer and looks after sales and marketing operations.

Yadavalli is passionate about continuous professional development and has immense experience in putting into place professional, customer-focused systems and processes. For him, the immediate challenge facing the industry is finding ways and means to seamlessly integrate all the major collaborators, system integrators and other players in the sector. “India is seeing an increase in digitisation. The next level of growth can be achieved once we achieve seamless integration of every entity in this digitisation endeavour,” he says.

Yadavalli sees the role of the telecom sector evolving in the years to come. “The sector will see a shift in terms of the services that operators offer. From being only a provider of 3G/4G services, operators will build their capabilities to become nerve centres for data management and cloud computing. Operators like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone have the capability of becoming Googles and Yahoos in the next four to five years,” he says.

Yadavalli cherishes his long stint in the Indian Navy. It has had a deep impact on him, driving commitment and discipline. He counts his resilience in challenging situations and clear focus on the goal as his biggest strengths. At the same time, his striving for perfection in every pursuit can be a weakness. “Achieving perfection is not easy. It may lead to some dissatisfaction along the way. But I do not give up,” he says. In terms of management style, Yadavalli believes in adopting a mix of a top-down and bottom-up approach. “I believe in empowering the team by building their competencies so that they can fulfil their roles.”

Yadavalli is an engineer by training with a specialisation in marine engineering. In his spare time, he loves reading and playing bridge. His family includes his wife, a quality dir-ector at Virtusa Polaris; a son, who’s working in the US; and a daughter, who is pursuing a master’s in Switzerland.

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