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Bharti Airtel abolishes domestic roaming charges for voice and data services

February 27, 2017
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Bharti Airtel has announced that there will not be any roaming charges on its network from April 1, 2017.

With this move, Airtel’s customers roaming within India will enjoy free incoming calls and SMS starting from April 1, 2017. Further, the operator will not charge any premium on outgoing calls while roaming across India. Moreover, there will be no additional data charges on national roaming, and home data packs for customers will apply across the country.

Furthermore, Airtel has stated that customers on international roaming will also be fully protected from bill shocks through an automatic adjustment process from April 1, 2017.  Under this, the moment a customer’s billing will reach the price of a one day pack for the country, he/she will be automatically moved to that pack. Post the exhaustion of pack benefits, customers will continue to enjoy discounted rates for calling and data usage. Airtel had raeduced the call charges by up to 90 per cent to as low as Rs 3 per minute and data charges by up to 99 per cent to Rs 3 per MB across popular roaming destinations.

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