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Tata DOCOMO Business Services helps OPG Power effectively manage its fleet

April 07, 2017
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Tata DOCOMO Business Services (TDBS) offers the most comprehensive suite of solutions in the enterprise space and caters to every communication need of the customer and their ecosystem. Here is an example of a successful deployment of TBDS’s fleet tracking solution for OPG Power, in Chennai.

About OPG Power

OPG operates and develops power generation assets in India and currently has 750 MW of power generation assets in operation. OPG plants principally supply power directly to industrial and commercial customers at attractive tariffs. The company’s operations are in leading industrialised states of India – 450 MW in Tamil Nadu and 300 MW in Gujarat. For the next phase of growth, OPG has set a target to build at least 300 MW of solar energy projects in India with its first project of 62 MW of solar power under development in Karnataka. All units have technology allowing them to use imported coal (typically Indonesian) or domestic (Indian) coal.

Key Challenges faced by OPG

OPG Power has fleet of trucks used for transporting coal from ports to the thermal plants. The company was having a challenge to get better visibility of their fleet movement on a real-time basis.

Solution provided by TDBS

TDBS provided OPG Power with its fleet tracking solution which empowers OPG to have the visibility of their vehicles movement on a real time basis through a remote web/mobile interface. TDBS offered an end-to-end solution for fleet tracking including GPS Device, connectivity and web/mobile- based Dashboard.

TDBS offered following services to OPG Power -

Real-time tracking: Track location of vehicles on real-time basis

Detailed location history: Detailed record of locations visited with time-stamp

Route replay: Which route did a particular vehicle take, visualize through an online replay

Route deviation:  Each and every instance of route deviation was recorded and reported

Geo-fencing: Detect when the vehicle moves out of a defined range

Integrate sensors: Option to integrate temperature sensors if required

Over-speeding alerts: Get detailed report of all over-speeding instances


OPG Power now manages its fleet operation effectively with real-time monitoring of vehicles. This has resulted in overall operational efficiency, logistics management and reduction in costs.

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