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Sterlite Technologies launches Digital Partner Settlement Platform

August 02, 2017
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Sterlite Technologies, an end-to-end global technology leader in smarter digital networks, announces from its software division the Digital Partner Settlement platform. It is an automated partner management system that not only bills and rates accurately, but also handles entire partner lifecycle requirements, from recruitment to settlement, helps form quick partnership agreements and reduces time to market with rapid introduction of new-generation content, channel, interconnect and roaming partnerships to handle data, voice and video services over IP, fixed and mobile networks.

Telecom operators today are looking at investing in next generation Digital Partner settlement solutions that can manage complex operator partnerships. This is where Sterlite Tech smarter network solution transforms the complex partner ecosystem. The multi-tenant agile platform enables CSPs to respond to market changes faster than their competitors. It will enable the operators to quickly build concept using analytics based on subscriber's usage, transactions and preferences to design advanced services tailored to their subscriber's evolving needs, thereby enabling operators with a service offer designing, define their go-to-market, seamlessly fulfilling services ordered by subscribers and effectively rate/charges/bills for those services.

The platform helps in effectively managing content, channel, interconnect and roaming partnerships for data, voice and video services over fixed and mobile networks. With efficient management of upstream partnerships (content providers, aggregators, ASPs) with downstream partnerships (MVNOs, VSPs, channel, roaming and interconnect partners) for transit, inbound and outbound traffic. It supports profit- maximized partnerships; helps attract and retain partners through effective management, while preventing revenue leakage.

To know more visit : http://www.elitecore.com/partner-settlement.htm

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