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Amdocs launches DigitalONE, a digital enablement platform for customer care and commerce

February 02, 2018
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Amdocs has announced the DigitalONE, a digital enablement platform for customer care and commerce spanning the entire order lifecycle. It allows communications and media companies the business agility to offer new digital experiences of the type and at the pace of native internet companies. Further, they can offer this regardless of which business support system they have in the back-end.

This is enabled by the unique microservices-based architecture of DigitalONE which offers a full DevOps environment. Each microservice constitutes an autonomous functionality that can be independently deployed so that service providers can continuously improve commerce and care experiences by introducing new capabilities in short DevOps cycles. The platform itself is also cloud-native in order to be scaled on-demand to support changing activity levels. Furthermore, it incorporates open-source technologies and exposes application programming interfaces (APIs) that comply with TM Forum standards. Therefore, new capabilities can be easily added by internal and external developers and re-used across engagement channels.

DigitalONE comprises three different layers that can be deployed in a modular fashion: a digital microservices layer incorporating all care and commerce flows spanning ordering and product catalogue processes, an omni-channel widget-based digital experience layer servicing agents and customers with visual web presentations of these flows, and an additional layer with channel-specific applications for self-service, retail, social, call centres and chatbots. Service providers can also choose to deploy their own channel-specific applications on top of it.

The platform enables service providers to offer existing and occasional customers a new level of care personalisation in telecom and a real, digital shopping experience. Leveraging a 360-degree customer view and embedded intelligence, it enables next-best-action and next-best-offer recommendations tailored to customer wants and needs. It does this consistently across channels and multi-play, partner and hard good offerings, with seamless handover between channels and between virtual and live agents.

Commenting on the announcement of DigitalONE Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President, Amdocs Technology said, “We are proud to launch our next generation cloud-native, care and commerce digital offering, architected uniquely for the communications and media industry. This microservices-based platform is already deployed, serving millions of end users. It is part of our open and integrated portfolio which offers service providers a variety of digital transformation approaches, from transforming a single channel to transforming the entire front-end care and commerce layer across channels, to a full-blown business transformation. Service providers are taking different paths depending on their business objectives and state of digital maturity, and with DigitalONE, we can help them see accelerated results and capture a leading position in the digital economy.”


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