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Maillefer launches Xview app for remote tracking of production line status

June 26, 2018
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Maillefer has launched an Xview app for remote tracking of production line status. This app makes it possible for the executives and managers to easily follow their production remotely and see which lines are operating as planned and which are not running. The app gathers relevant information from the line control like line current status, current line speed and recipe under production. It has also feature for viewing the production history during the past 30 days as well as results of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and charts of OEE components for the past 30 days. The app is designed for Android and iOS mobile devices and PC’s with Windows operating system. It can be configured to work only inside the factory or globally via secure internet connection.

Keep in touch with your production/lines/factory remotely. Check out a demo of our new Xview app for iOS & Android devices here:


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