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Sachin Jaiswal, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Niki.ai

October 04, 2018
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Sachin Jaiswal firmly believes in the power of technology, and its applications to build businesses at scale. With this belief at heart, Jaiswal cofounded Niki.ai in 2015 that aims to make online purchases simple and easy. As the CEO of the company, Jaiswal strives to keep all the team members aligned with the larger company vision and the short term QoQ goals. Infact, setting a macro vision for the team is one of Jaiswal’s strengths. He does not like to micro manage and instead believes in getting good people on board and giving them enough freedom to steer their ships to the common goal. Talking about the challenges that Jaiswal has been encountering as the CEO of a tech start-up, he says, “Given the relatively new technology we are working on (a conversational commerce platform), the challenge is multi-fold. Like all new technology, one obvious challenge is building the technology and ensuring that the system is stable and the error rate is within acceptable limits. Secondly, getting users to adopt this technology is another challenge.” According to Jaiswal, the technology sector is right now going through rapid pace of innovation which can be partly attributed to the relatively lower cost of innovation in comparison to traditional industries. Jaiswal further predicts that the major innovation the world will see will be in the field of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.

An engineer by qualification, Jaiswal graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 2011 and started working at Oracle as a Product Manager where he built data-driven products. After working at Oracle for about a year, he co-founded a data analytics startup called Innovaccer. During the three years at Innovaccer, Jaiswal juggled between different roles. Starting out as Vice President Operations, he later on took the position of VP Business Development where he was responsible for sales & marketing, and led the business to growth, both globally & across industries. In his current role, Jaiswal oversees the entire product strategy of the company, leading product design, UX and the product roadmap.  In fact, one of his memorable assignments revolves around these core capabilities. As Jaiswal recounts, “We had to build the UX for a conversational AI. Since we were the first players in the space to work on this technology, there were very little benchmark available, so we had to design from scratch. It’s a great validation that most of what we built in the first cut is still used and in fact, has been adopted by some of the biggest players in the industry.”

Talking about his personal life, Jaiswal says, “I have a family of six people, mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, me and my wife. We come from very humble background and for the most part my family is still struggling to keep in touch with the pace of evolution of technology. We love to go on pilgrimage occasionally and gorge on street food.” Jaiswal also likes to binge-watch movies or TV series and prefers to go to a quiet beach and read occasionally.

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