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Adoption of AI, IoT and blockchain to increase in 2019, says Tata Communications

December 28, 2018
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According to Tata Communications, the adoption of next generation technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), blockchain and machine learning (ML) are expected to increase in 2019.

Amongst the next generation technologies, IoT applications and services are well established as they help the businesses in gathering and analysing real-time data to enable everything from improving the customer experience to streamlining supply chain operations. According to the company, the technology would be implemented in a more meaningful way in 2019, as more interesting use cases would be emanating from different verticals.

Further, AI and ML, which are increasingly being integrated into a variety of services, are becoming far more accessible and digestible than they were a few years ago. For instance, Tata Communications is using an AI-based automated tool which auto-matches a candidate with best-in-class individuals, with the latter acting as the benchmark, thereby saving time and effort.

According to Tata Communication’s survey the global implementation rate of blockchain stands at 44 per cent and its potential goes way beyond crypto currency.

However, these technologies would have to address challenges such as cost, security and the ever-growing skill gap.

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