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ZTE launches its cybersecurity lab in Brussels

July 10, 2019
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ZTE Corporation has launched its Cybersecurity Lab Europe in Brussels, Belgium.

The Cybersecurity Lab Europe is located in the administrative and political heart of the European Union and will provide a much wider range of access to external security verification of ZTE’s products, services and processes. Further, it will facilitate external cooperation with stakeholders in the field of cybersecurity.

The opening of the lab is another important part of a transparency initiative of ZTE. Under such an initiative, the company has launched two other cybersecurity labs in Nanjing, China and Rome, Italy in May 2019.

As the platform for transparency and cooperation, the lab provides four essential functions including source code review, document review, black box testing and penetration testing. In addition, ZTE will conduct in-depth research of the security field in the lab, in partnerships with industry-leading security organisations. Moreover, the lab will play a significant role of guaranteeing the security of the company’s 5G solutions in 5G era.

Commenting on the launch, Zhong Hong, chief security officer, ZTE, said “ZTE’s original intention of the Cybersecurity Lab Europe is to provide global customers, regulators and other stakeholders with great transparency by means of verification and communication.” "The security for the ICT industry cannot be guarded by one sole vendor, or by one sole telecom operator. ZTE is willing to play an important role in contributing to the industry's security along with its customers and all other stakeholders,” he added.

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