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Nebula harnesses power of machine learning to deliver the future of hotel services

July 16, 2019
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Nebula, the cloud networking solution from Zyxel, now offers an array ofintelligent featuresdesigned specifically for IPTVdeployments. In addition to using machine learning to enhance network performance, the expanded toolbox—available to Professional Pack subscribers—gives hotels, resorts, and other lodging businesses a valuable look into IPTV guest usage.

Powerful analytics with machine learning

Zyxel’s wealth of knowledge with hospitality applications has allowed the network innovator to develop a unique machine learning engine. Taking the form of the new Network Analytic Alert, the engine analyzes statistics collected by Nebula and proposes configuration changes for the optimal IPTV experience.Italso keeps a vigilant eye on the network traffic flowing through each and every switch port and sends out a warning if unusual activity is detected.

Many IPTV performance issues, such as sluggish startup, screen freezing, and channel switching delays, stem from the fact that TV manufacturers often lack familiarity with the multicasting technology at the heart of IPTV. By leveraging machine learning and sophisticated monitoring technology, the analytic tool quickly identifies and informs users ofany problems, significantly reducingthe time it would take to troubleshoot.Since all the protective measures take place behind the scenes, guests enjoying IPTV programs won’t notice a thing.

Advanced IGMP to boost bandwidth

Another way Nebulaimproves IPTV networks is via newly developed IGMP settings. While Nebula has always supported basic IGMP snooping, the process that helps manage the delivery of IP multicasts, the Professional Pack now has a dedicated management pane for Advanced IGMP controls. The advanced settings, created with IPTV deployments in mind, enhance bandwidth management and overall network functionality. And because the control interface is the definition of user-friendly, time-pressed hotel managers only need a few mouse clicks for top-notch IPTV service.

Gary Chen, President, Zyxel India, says “Hospitality is one off the largest sector in India and we always try to improve ourselves and keep on introducing new innovative products in the market so that clients are always satisfied and look forward to the future. These new and intelligent features for IPTV deployment will change the way Hospitality Industry deploy, manage and invest in IPTV”.

Visibility into user interests

Most IPTV deployments rely upon multicast servers that have a limited ability to gather guest usage data. To resolve this problem, Nebulais introducing the IPTV Report, which allows for detailed visibility into how guests are using IPTV service. By tracking and displaying important statistics, such as channels currently being watched and channel popularity by day and time, the feature helpshotel managersdecide which channels to hold onto and which to consider replacing.In addition to making program investment more efficient for hotels, the report ensures guests are getting the shows they truly desire.

“With Nebula, we were the first network company to introduce an affordable and easy-to-use cloud networking solution to SMBs,” remarked Crowley Wu,VPof Zyxel’s Networking SBU. “Now we’re leading again in implementing machine learning technology to help our hospitality partners develop the best IPTV solutions.”

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