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Infinera’s Instant Network promises a huge leap forward for SDC

September 10, 2019

Making changes to the network is a cumbersome process which involves forecasting traffic demands, calculating spectral allocation, calculating expansion potential of deployed systems, purchasing new equipment, installing and testing the new gear, and finally activating the new capacity. To date, SDN has primarily focused on virtualizing services on Layers 1 through 3 within existing fixed optical capacity, but when more capacity is needed a truck roll is required. Software defined capacity (SDC) is a term that describes the ability to engineer, provision and transfer optical capacity around the network via software control. Infinera’s initial SDC offering, Instant Bandwidth, enables optical capacity to be activated via software on a line module-by-line module basis. The company has now launched Instant Network, with which SDC has taken a huge leap forward, supporting the ability to analyse and engineer optical routes and provision capacity across the entire network in order to support upper-layer services and other changes in network demands.




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