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BSNL reduces broadband tariff for post-paid customers

February 21, 2011
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the leading telecommunications service provider of the country, provides landline broadband in both prepaid and postpaid versions to its valued customers. In post-paid broadband category, BSNL offers tariff in two categories i.e. home users & general users. Under both categories tariffs are available in limited and unlimited downloads

As part of its endeavor to further popularize its broadband service and to provide the service at more competitive price, BSNL has reformulated its existing post-paid broadband tariff structure by incorporating following  changes:

Reduction in download charges by up to 75% - Additional Download charges for BBG 250, BBG combo 299, BBG FN combo 600 and BBG 700 tariff plans have now been reduced to 20-paise/Mb upto 5 GB and 10 paise/MB thereafter. Earlier these charges were in the range of 50-60paise/MB

Additional download charges for all the Limited broadband tariff plans having more than Rs 999 Fixed Monthly charges have now been reduced to 10 paise/MB

Reduction in Entry threshold for Business/ Corporate Customers by more than 60%: - A new broadband tariff plan BBG COMBO ULD 850 for providing unlimited download to business customers at download speed of 1 mbps up to 8 GB and 256 kbps thereafter, has been launched. It has lowered the entry threshold from Rs 2150 to Rs 850, which is a reduction of more than 60% in existing tariffs.

Broadband for Business/ Corporate Customers made more affordable: - Unlimited usage plans BB Home combo ULD 1000, 1350, 1700, which were restricted to home users, have been made applicable for all subscribers. This shall ensure availability of wide range of lower tariff plans for business/corporate customers.

Increase in Download speed by more than 50%:- Bandwidth has been increased in many existing plans (BB Home combo ULD 1000, 1350; BBG combo ULD 2150, BBG combo ULD 3300, BBG combo ULD 6000, BBG combo ULD 9000, BBG combo ULD 15000) thus increasing download speed for the subscribers.

Free download limit have been increased for various tariff plans i.e. BBG speed combo 2799 (from 50GB to 60 GB), BBG super speed combo 4999 (from 110GB to 125 GB), BBG super speed combo 9999 (from 220GB to 250 GB), BBG rural combo 999 (from 12GB to 20 GB) and BB CSC 1000 (from 8 GB to 10GB).

Free calls limit have been increased for BBG combo 1111 (from 250 to 500), BBG speed combo 2799 (from 300 to 500), BBG super speed combo 4999 (from 500 to 1000).

Free calls facility has been introduced for BBG combo ULD 3300 (500 free calls), BBG combo ULD 6000 (1000 free calls), BBG combo ULD 9000 (1500 free calls) and BBG combo ULD 15000 (2000 free calls).

These changes are expected to change the Broadband landscape of the country, making it more affordable and help in harnessing the potent benefits of digital connectivity.


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