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Equipment on Rent: Strong case for the leasing model
In the past few years, the case for renting and leasing of test and measurement (T&M) equipment in the Indian telecom space has become stronger owing to the evolving technology landscape and changing industry dynamics. 
In Demand: Global uptake of T&M equipment on the rise
The global telecom industry has experienced massive network transformation from voice-driven 2G/3G networks to data-driven 4G and 5G ones.
T&M Trends: Optimising device and app testing
India is currently the world’s second largest manufacturer of mobile phones after China.This growth can be attributed to the rapid internet penetration, growing disposable incomes and widening base of tech-savvy consumers.
Software Services: Opting for cloud-based testing solutions for better efficiency
The test and measurement (T&M) industry has traditionally relied on hardware-centric benchtop instruments. However, new age technologies seem to be redefining this trend with increasing focus on digitalisation.
Stepping Up: Striving to build best-in-class testing environments
The telecom test and measurement (T&M) industry has benefited immensely from the rapid evolution of communications networks. 
Small Cell Surge: Increasing deployments across the globe
The emergence of 5G has significantly altered network requirements of telecom operators across the globe.
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